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What Did I Take Away From Our In Class Meeting- May 12?

Initially, I was alarmed; Texas is #1 in the nation for the most CO2 emissions. Wow, we need to do better than this for our children and our environment. However Texas is not the only culprit, the U.S. overall is guilty in extreme overuse of energy. However, on the flip side, Germany has 70 percent less resources but is much more efficient in energy consumption due to wind and solar energy. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) needs to have more integrity here in the United States. We learned in class it is more profitable to be proactive versus reactive to the effects of social irresponsibility. There is beginning to be a cultural shift in businesses and governments today. For example, the City of Fort Worth Economic Development started a Drill Down initiative, focusing on the South East area of the city and its citizens, with hopes in revitalizing the underserved area.

With all that was spoken, I learned we as individuals, small groups and larger groups in society can make an effective change towards social responsibility. We all have a part in the protection of our environment and the existing resources. Ultimately, we can accomplish these goals, through our own efforts and upwardly to more universal efforts inclusive of community, states and countries.

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